Deep turquoise or burgundy pair well with neutral colors. If you home is filled with bolder colors, then you would want a more neutral color palette in your clothing. One of the first things I will ask you when you arrive is what color is your living room wall. if it is gray, I want to avoid using a gray background because the photo would blend in. etc.

Maxi dresses: Long or mid knee length maxi dresses with a necklace photograph nicely. Skip any type of geometric pattern - they are busy and distracting.

Form fitting items: We want show your bump so make sure to have something in your wardrobe options that are form fitting, a simple tank top is usually a great choice.

Jean: Maternity jeans aren’t pretty at the top, but they are so comfortable! I can hide the stretch part, but don’t be afraid to bring your favorite pair of jeans that don’t fit over the bump anymore, leaving them unbuttoned, the unbuttoned jeans with simple tank or one of the crop tops I have in the studio is a super simple sexy casual look.

I have maternity outfits in my studio that fit a range of body types as well as I wrap baby bumps in fabric for a simple look. I have a variety of colors of outfits in my studio, predominately they are black and white with colors mixed in… If planning on wearing some outfits I have, please bring a variety of undergarments, strapless bra is preferred, but not required, nude, black and white are also encouraged to bring, for the undergarments, for panties, think less Hanes, more Victoria Secret, with some decorative top edge.. or even string thong if you are into doing more sexier ones- its easy to edit a string out. 

If you would like to provide your own outfits, or use both your outfits and outfits from my studio closet here are some ideas to think about:

Look at the color of your home. If your home color palette is full of neutral colors – if your walls are beige and brown think about what colors are be complimentary. The old saying is “colors are friends with neighbors and lovers with their opposites” so on the color wheel that is why red and green go together, why teals look good with oranges. 

what to wear: maternity

Dressing other people in your photos? Follow the same tips, keeping patterns to a minimum, and using the colors in your home to inspire your clothing options, the colors in you decorate with or the colors you like will look best on you!

 I get asked a lot if short sleeve/long sleeve is better, I don’t think it matters, however you should match, so if one person wears long sleeve then so should the other (if possible, do not buy another shirt because I said this). Baby spit up on your shirt as you are leaving, its ok if you can handle the smell, I can hide it 😉

Newborn parent/family images are taken either on a dark grey, mocha or a bone type of color, so keep that in mind when picking outfits for family images. You want something that will stand out on your walls, so for instance, if you walls are neutral taupe you will not want the bone colored background with a cream outfits because you would blend in to the wall. So if you had neutral colored walls, navy would nice. This is just an example.

Lots of new parents have just moved and don’t have a “style” or rooms decorated yet, so think about what you're going to do.. or what colors you might accent with or even as simple as what colors you like. When all else fails, go with black or cream and we can figure out the rest at the session.

If you are trying to dress a sibling, the one thing I caution on is the ‘A’ line dresses on little girls, when dealing with toddlers we are running around really fast to make sure their attention span holds, and a smile will override a dress riding up and showing the diaper, so if you are wanting a dress for your little girl, that is great, but have it be the flowy loose kind at the bottom, those A line ones are tough to pull down when trying to get a toddler to sit and smile. 

If you want some extra help, I am available, just shoot me an email with your picture (try and take the pictures in the daylight) options and I can help point you in the right direction.

As your due date approaches, you might be starting to think about what to wear for your session (that is if you opted for parent and/or sibling images) First, you don’t have to worry about dressing baby, unless you want to. Family images are taken with baby naked in your arms or wrapped.

Remember to keep the clothing simple, think natural colors with no patterns, for the newborn images, you really want the focus to be on you and the new member of your family and not the clothing your wearing. and clothes with large logos can be distracting and difficult to edit out. A second tip? Newborn parent mostly are taken waist up, and yoga pants look like dress pants so you are good there! If Dad wants to wear jeans let him! Especially if that is his normal everyday style. He wants to be comfortable and look like himself in the portraits too.

what to wear: newborns