What to Wear: Maternity

August 27, 2016

What to Wear: Maternity

Here are few tips to think about when your planning your wardrobe for your maternity session

Mercedes | Maternity Session | Traverse City, MI Maternity Photographer

I do three set ups in studio, one is a high key set up, so what that means is its a very bright white set up.  The next setup is a darker, moodier more shadowy  set on black and then a 3rd set up is more of an even light set done on a solid color (grey bone, or mocha)

I have maternity outfits in my studio that fit a range of body types  as well as I wrap baby bumps in fabric for a simple look.  I have a variety of colors of outfits in my studio, predominately they are black and white with colors mixed in… If planning on wearing some outfits I have, please bring a variety of undergarments,  strapless bra is preferred, but not required,  nude, black and white are also encouraged to bring, for the undergarments, for panties, think less Hanes, more Victoria Secret, with some decorative  top edge maybe (you can leave the thongs at home though 😉 ) but don’t go buy anything, just bring what you have.

If you would like to provide your own outfits, or use both your outfits and outfits from my studio closet here are some ideas to think about:

Look at the color of your home. If your home color palette is full of  neutral colors – if your walls are beige and brown think about what colors are  be complimentary. The old saying is “colors are friends with neighbors and lovers with their opposites” so on the color wheel that is why red and green go together, why teals look good with oranges. Deep turquoise or burgundy pair well with neutral colors. If you home is  filled with bolder colors, then you would want a more neutral color palette in your clothing. One of the first things  I will ask you when you arrive is what color is your living room wall. if it is gray, I want to avoid using a gray background because the photo would blend in. etc.

Maxi dresses: Long or mid knee length maxi dresses with a  necklace photograph nicely. Skip the patterns unless it is muted, or embroidered or lace. Strong geometric patterns can be distracting.
Avoid strong patterns, they can be distracting in photographs, muted patterns or a shirt that is pattern but a solid color bottom or visa versa can be ok, but a dress that is patterned from top to bottom, can be overwhelming.

Form fitting items: We want show your bump so make sure to have something in your wardrobe options that are form fitting,  a simple tank top is usually a great choice.

Jean: Maternity jeans  aren’t pretty at the top, but they are so comfortable!  I can hide the stretch part, but don’t be afraid to bring your favorite pair of jeans that don’t fit over the bump anymore, leaving them unbuttoned, the unbuttoned jeans with simple tank or one of the crop tops I have in the studio is a super simple sexy casual look.

Dressing other people in your photos?  Follow the same tips, keeping  patterns to a minimum, and using the colors in your home to inspire your clothing options, the colors in you decorate with or the colors you like will look best on you!