A View and Order Appointment is done with every session. For newborns you get the option to do it the same day or to come back about a week later to view your images. Maternity/Milestone sessions viewing and ordering will be done the same day. 

Prior to your session you will be emailed instructions to send me a picture of the walls you want to put pictures on... this will allow you to see what the pictures we just took will look like on your wall (yeah, i know... very helpful!) 

You will be placing your order at this time so it is very important that anyone needing to be involved in the ordering process is present at this appointment. If you have toddlers or want someone to distract your busy bodies during this time - please let me know ahead of time and I can arrange for that in studio (really just an excuse for Tay to play with babies - she loves it so much!). There is only one view and order session per session per client. 

Newborn Session Fee $125 | Up to three hour session, access to entire style and prop closets. Prints and product not included in session fee.

Baby Plan Join Fee  $125 | Covers all session fees for babies first year; can come in up to 4 times in the first year (3/6/9/12) or just 2 (6/12) or whatever combination you would like. Prints and product not included in session fee. 

Cake Smash Session fee $150 | Includes 1 hour session, set, outfit and cake. Prints and product not included in session fee. 

Wall Portraits (11x14 and up) are mounted, spray coated will be ready for framing. Canvases are also offered in studio.  Both canvas and prints are shown as studio samples. 

During your ordering session you will be seeing straight out of camera images, but all final prints and products will be retouched to color correct, blemish removal etc. 

The session fee is due to book. Any order over $250 may go into a payment plan. No orders or prints can leave the studio prior to the balance being paid in full. Due to the nature or custom printing once prints and products are ordered there are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. We accept cash, debit and credit cards & checks.

session pricing

Prints and retouching

payment policy

I have a streamlined product offering that keeps things classic and simple! Only high quality, professional products is what you will find at the studio. Canvases and Prints are UV coated.  Listed below is the most common sizes. Other sizes are available.. a pre consultation is recommend to tour the studio and answer any specific size questions you may have - however, size/print are ordered  when you see your pictures. 


spending level bonuses

8x10, 5x7, 4x6, wallets.............$35  

Due to the variation of options available for the following products,
starting prices are listed.

Storyboards start at $275 
Digital Collections start at $250
Heirloom Albums start at $600
Canvas start at $200 

What is a spending level bonus? A bonus product or discount for 
reaching a certain dollar amount. 

$500 spending level | Mobile app of all ordered images

$1000 spending level | All proofs with ordered images in box; Mobile app of all ordered images | 20% discount off any additional purchases | Mobile app of all ordered images

$1500 spending level | Session slideshow; proofs with ordered images in box | 30% discount off any additional purchases | Mobile app of all ordered images