frequently asked

1. Do you have a studio?

Yes. I am located at 970 W Conway Harbor Springs, MI. It is located between Harbor Springs and Petoskey. The Essexville studio will close May 2022.

2. When do you photograph maternity sessions?

Maternity is photographed between 30 and 36 weeks, this way you are showing, but not to the "get this baby out of me NOW" stage.. Doing a session at 36 weeks also helps ensure that you won't go in to labor before your session.

3. My doctor has me on limited movements, can I still do a session?

Of course! While I do lay mamas down on the ground and have them sitting, not every session has to incorporate those poses into it. Just let me know your limitations and I will abide by those.

4. Do I have to bring anything to wear to the session?

In my studio I have several maternity outfits that are specific for maternity photo sessions, these items fit most everyone! So you don't have to, but I always ask that you bring your favorite outfit as well as a pair of jeans, even if they don't button anymore we can hide that :-). Also nude, black bras (strapless if you have it) are usually great items to bring as well as nude underwear/thong.

5. Where are the sessions?

All sessions take place in my studio.

6. When should I book the newborn session?

That is really up to you, some moms are super excited and want to book while others prefer to wait to the 6 month of pregnancy. I really don’t have a preference, I say the sooner the better as it allows me to plan my months, I specialize in maternity/newborn. If you need a specific time/date its best to book early.  However, if baby is already here, no big deal, send me an email and lets see if we can get you scheduled 

7. When are newborn portraits typically taken?

Newborn photos are taken within the first 5-21 days of birth.

8. What days of the week do you photograph?

Shoots are Monday-Thursday. I understand that some dads are back to work before the session can take place and we can work together to find a time that works for you as a family. I have several options such as doing family images on a separate day/time.

9. Missed the 5-21 day window for newborn portraits?

No problem, life happens and I get it, not everyone knows newborn photography is even a thing until they get home with baby and is already two weeks of age, I have successfully had gorgeous full galleries of month old babies even 6 weeks! We can attempt the same newborn type session, and just work with your baby. We will get great photographs for you.

10. Do I have to bring props to the newborn session?

No, you do not, I have a studio filled with blankets, hats, headbands, props specifically sized for newborns. The questionnaire I send to you gives me an idea of what you guys like and I can suggest things you could bring. If you want to bring things, try and make sure they they are newborn sized, if you would like something specific reach out to me, I know vendors who make specialty things...

11. Can I bring things to my session?

Yes of course. When I know people are bringing things specific I will often ask for a picture (if it is not obvious what the object is) so that I can see colors and make sure I have coordinating items in studio. You can also visit my Newborn Vendors page, where I have recommended different vendors that fit newborns specifically.

12. What do you mean by customizing my session?

In my studio I have things of every color, I love using color in newborn sessions... but what if you hate the color pink for girls or decorate with the teal as an accent color in your home? I find these things out ahead of time so that I can make sure to use those colors/props/knit items in your session this way your portraits incorporate into your home and look fabulous on your walls.

13. Do the newborns have to sleep?

For the most part, I will get them sleeping because this stage is very fleeting.... and you have 18 years of smiling, happy pictures... this sweet moment in time only lasts for a small amount of time. It is also safer if we are posing in props and such as most babies are little wiggles when awake. That being said, babies don't always play by my rules and wake up and that is OK I just switch gears and do things that are OK for awake babies. Every now and then a baby is having gas problems or is fussy for reasons beyond our control and in order to avoid everyone being stressed, I will just reschedule the session... we all have bad days, even babies.

14. Can we (parents) be in the photos?

Yes! In fact, I highly encourage it! This is your first family portrait and I can't wait to see it up on your walls!

15. What about siblings?

Yes of course! Watching the now older children interact with their new baby sister/brother is one of my favorite things to witness. Just bear in mind if you have toddlers - they do what they want when they want, and while I believe in bribery and have the snack bar to back it up... keep those expectations low, if you are stressed that your toddler is not doing what I ask then it makes the situation 100% worse. I will get the images, just let me work some magic! When there is a sibling(s) involved we always do family and sibling shots first to get them done, so they will be free to leave after if they want.

16. How long is the session?

Newborn sessions are about 3 hours long. The reason for this length is because I work on baby time. I take a lot of time to make sure baby has relaxed hands, and is perfectly posed. There are lots of breaks.. feeding and just general soothing of baby to get them in a deep sleep. I don’t want to rush, so I leave plenty of time. I would never want to end a session because I ran out of time, if baby needs the time... he/she gets it!