I started photographing children when my oldest was just shy of 1, she is now 18. When I started my photography career, I photographed everything. I have photographed small get togethers, extended families to cars… yup cars…high school seniors and of course weddings. When I started weddings in 2009, I was good at it, I am tech savvy, I can think on my feet while dealing with difficult lighting situations and talking in front of large groups doesn't scare me so photographing family formals which would normally terrify and paralyze a new photographer, I excelled at.

Fast forward a few years and my children were getting ready for a Homecoming game and in that moment their life flew before my eyes (for real, I seen everything) and I realized that I would of missed Tays first Homecoming dance, had it been that year (which was only few years away). I didn't want to miss those memories- I stopped booking new weddings. You see, this time is way to precious, because it hit so close to my heart that I had no choice. My most cherished photo of my mom and me is me in my first homecoming dress. It is the only photo I have of her as an adult with me... I didn’t want to miss this moment with my daughters and with the number of weddings I was doing, I would miss it.

When I quit, I didn’t really have a plan, I figured I would do kids, seeing as that is how I got started, then I did a few newborns and that was it. It was what I was supposed to do, it was never clearer. THIS is what I am supposed to do. The moment a newborn is put in my hands, all is right with the world.

Now, I may be a tad biased - and I am sorry  to all the assistants I have had… but well, Tay is just the best assistant; but to be fair she has been helping me since she was 10. When I started in my home studio she would always come downstairs if there was a baby around and help me get him/her to smile - now that she has been helping me so long you will sometimes see she has the camera in her hand and I am the one getting the baby to smile.  Taylor loves babies just as much as I do and we have a friendly competition almost every session to see who the baby likes more (she loves it when its her and rubs it in my face!). You may think - I don’t pay her since she is my child- but I believe she should get paid for an honest days work; not that I don’t give myself a discount on her pay hahaha! Tay has been helping me for so long that now quite a few clients ask her to babysit because the kids love her so much.. kinda cuts into her work at the studio though ;-).  When she heads off to college in the fall of 2022 she will be missed at the studio for sure. Now, if I could just get her sister to like helping as much as Tay does lol!

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Stefanie Miller Photography is located at 951 S Powell. In Essexville.The studio is centrally located and easy to get to. When I first started photographing newborns I was in my home, all 200 sq feet of the basement was mine and I loved it, but I quickly grew out of that space. My current prop room is bigger than my first studio so to say my business has grown is an understatement! 

The studio is 2400 sq feet of relaxation for new parents. There is a client lounge stocked with chips, beverages and candy in case older siblings need a bit of bribery ;-). In the client lounge you can sit back with your feet up and watch some Netflix or rent the latest movie you have been meaning to see - while your newborn is being photographed. 

The client closet is filled with outfits of basically any color and multiple sizes to fit newborns of all sizes, the maternity side of the client closet holds numerous outfits from sparkly gowns to pretty shawl to simple cotton dresses all in a range of sizes to fit every mama.

In the Spring of 2022, my studio up north located in Harbor Springs, MI will be open and I can't wait to have this location. It is between Harbor Springs and Petoskey and is just a short drive from Traverse City, and Gaylord. Its smaller than my current studio, but to be honest- I am tired of mopping 2400 square feet of floor, so I am low key excited about the small space because the way I laid it out, it has tons of storage for the most important thing- props ;-)