About Me

October 23, 2015

I started photographing children when my oldest was just shy of 1, she is now 15. When I started my photography career, I photographed everything. I have photographed small get togethers, extended families to cars… yup cars…high school seniors and of course weddings.  When I started weddings in 2009, I was good at it, I am tech savvy, I can think on my feet while dealing with difficult lighting situations and talking in front of large groups didn’t scare me so photographing family formals which would normally terrify and paralyze a new photographer, I excelled at.

Fast forward a few years and my children were getting ready for a Homecoming game and in that moment their life flew before my eyes (for real, I seen everything) and in that moment I realized that I would of missed Tays first Homecoming dance, had it been that year (which was only three years away). In that moment, I stopped booking new weddings.  You see, this time is way to precious, because it hit so close to my heart that I had no choice. My most cherished photo of  my mom and me is me in my first homecoming dress. I didn’t want to miss this moment with my daughters and with the number of weddings I was doing, I would miss it.

When I quit, I didn’t really have a plan, I figured I would do kids, seeing as that is how I get started, then I did a few newborns and that was it. It was what I was supposed to do, it was never clearer. THIS is what I am supposed to do. The moment a newborn is put in my hands,  all is right with the world.

Over the last three years I have strived to provide the best customer service and the best images I can create to my clients. I continually invest in my education by watching online seminars, attending in person workshops from photographers I admire, a lot of times traveling across the country to do so. But it is so worth it, when I learn something that makes my sessions go so much smoother allowing me to make even better  images for my clients. I have a slogan, that “good enough is never great and I want to be great for for my clients.”

Setting up and styling a newborn session is one of the funnest parts for a newborn photographer, and I am no exception. I stock my studio with the colors of the rainbow in furs, outfits, headbands, hats— you name the color I have it! I love using multiple textures in one photograph that all compliment each other. Meticulous detail is paid attention to every set up and every picture to make sure that that your gallery is cohesive and that no one picture stands out as a loner. This way if you choose to print your photos for say a canvas cluster your photos not only match each other but they go with the aesthetic of your home.

While my name is on the door, my business is a family business. My husband is always helping me in some way whether it be painting things for me at home so I can use them in the studio, putting up shelving or drilling  yet another hole in my walls to hang more pictures. My kids are often at the studio as well, they are older and love just hanging out, but lets be honest, I put them to work—- there is a massive amount of laundry that needs to be folded on a weekly basis and I need help!  I even have recruited Tays school friends as an after school job of sorts. Hahaha. My oldest Taylor makes an appearance at a lot of sessions, as kids love kids – she loves to brag about how sometimes the babies like her more than me. My youngest Mallory, isn’t that into helping me it might be torture for her actually, you would think I had asked her to walk across hot coals if I ask her to fold something.   Luckily, I have Tay and she enjoys it.  But in the end we all pull together in some way to make sure the studio remains warm and inviting and ready for a cuddly newborn.

I hope that was helpful to get to know me a little bit, I would love to find out more about you and what you are looking for in a newborn photographer, so please take a look around and then hit that Contact Me page!


Talk to you soon!