A Diverse Maternity Session

Laura looked beautiful in this maternity session, which featured pictures taken both outdoors and in the studio. Because of this, her session featured a wide-range of photography styles—from indoor silhouette shots to ethereal outdoor photos.

Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor54.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_black_and_white51.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_white51.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_session_purple52.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor57.jpgFreeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor50.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor51.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_session_purple50.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_black_and_white52.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_black_and_white50.jpg

The variety of different photographs taken made this session interesting to shoot. We were able to do a lot of experimentation with poses and lighting. Any one of these photographs would look great displayed in her home!

Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor55.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor56.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor53.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor59.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor61.jpgFreeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor60.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_white50.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_studio_session_purple51.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor58.jpg Freeland_MI_maternity_couple_outdoor52.jpg

Because of the timing of this session, we succeeded in getting beautiful golden hour photographs taken. The lighting during this time is so flattering and gives the photographs a beautiful composition.

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A Newborn Session for a Little Baby Boy

This newborn session incorporated a lot of information provided to me by James’s parents. We came up with a color scheme and props based on what they gave me. That always makes my job a lot easier!

Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_owl_hat30.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_family_pose_navy30.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral36.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral32.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral34.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_family_pose_navy33.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral35.jpg

This little one’s parents let me know the color scheme of their house was mostly neutral, with taupe, brown, and tan décor. From that, we came up with a neutral color scheme with pops of blue. Even the owl hat was based on information given to me—James has an owl themed nursery. Also, that cute baseball themed picture is based on his parents’ hobbies—they are Tigers fans.

Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral33.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_family_pose_navy31.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral31.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral30.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_family_pose_navy32.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_soft_blue_neutral37.jpg Kawkawlin_MI_newborn_boy_baseball30.jpg

A lot of times parents don’t know what color scheme or props they want to incorporate. This session proves that inspiration can be found anywhere!

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A Newborn Session with Lots of Blues and Grays

This cute little girl’s newborn session was inspired by her nursery’s color scheme. Before the session, her parents indicated that the nursery has lots of grays, whites, and pops of pink. Both the gray and navy backgrounds would be a wonderful complement to their light gray walls. The use of lighter blue and mint swaddles and backdrops would also go together with the pink pops of color they mentioned.

We even incorporated a few of Arla’s parents’ hobbies and interests. The Spartan themed photo was inspired by their love of Michigan State, and the final photograph features a fishing scene. Her parents told me they liked boating, so we wanted to include that as well.

Midland_Michigan_newborn_navy42.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_spartan_michigan_state40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_navy40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_gray43.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_gray44.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_outdoor_winter_cozy41.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_navy41.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_boy_cozy_swaddle_blue40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_light_blue41.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_black_and_white40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_gray40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_gray42.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_outdoor_winter_cozy40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_light_blue40.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_black_and_white41.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_gray41.jpg Midland_Michigan_newborn_outdoor_fishing40.jpg

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A Maternity Session Featuring a Striking Blue Dress

Lacy’s session really brought out the beauty of this expectant mom. Originally, she was only going to have photography done for her newborn. However, at the time I was offering a maternity special; and she said it was too good to pass up. I’m so glad she decided to take the plunge and do this shoot because we captured some awesome pictures!

Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio23 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio26 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio27 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio21

I love how you can feel the affection this couple has for each other in these photographs. You can tell Lacy’s husband will be a doting father, and already loves his son or daughter!

Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio24 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio25 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio20 Bay_City_MI_maternity_session_couple_family_blue_dress_studio22

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A Newborn Session with Some Harry Potter and Star Wars Influence

This newborn session had some shots that were so much fun to take!

Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family54.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family56.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family51.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family53.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family44 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family48 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family47 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family41 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family40

When Evelyn’s parents approached me about this shoot, they immediately said they wanted to include their love of Harry Potter into the session. They had all the books and even their own wands they wanted to incorporate. This little one is going to have fun growing up with parents like these!

Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family50 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family57.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family52.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family55.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family49 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family42 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family45 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family43 Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family58.jpg Freeland_Michigan_newborn_session_girl_pink_blue_Harry_Potter_Star_Wars_parent_family46

In this session, we also took some more traditional photographs. Their nursery theme is pink and gray with elephants; and we worked that into some of the outfits, backdrops, and accessories.

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A Grey and Pink Newborn Session with Family

Charlotte looked angelic in this grey and pink newborn session. We took some wonderful family shots of her and her six-year-old sister as well.

Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family93 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family99 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family105 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family102 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family101 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family95 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family100 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family92

Charlotte’s parents were planning this session during a time many find themselves in. They had just moved into their home and had yet to decorate. So, we based our shoot around the colors they wanted to use in their home—greys and tans. The beauty of this is that even if they change their mind on the color palette of their home, the photographs could still be easily displayed.

Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family91 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family103 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family90 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family97 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family98 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family104 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family94 Saginaw_MI_newborn_session_pink_grey_family_sibling_family96

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A Twin One Year Session with a Proud Big Sister

These two didn’t have a problem striking a pose for this one-year session. Not only were they naturally cute, but they loved being with their big sister. Likewise, their almost-three-year-old sister couldn’t be happier to show them off.

Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins184.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins182.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins191 Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins190 Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins189

For this session, we got a mix of both causal and formal photographs. It’s nice for parents to have both options during their session. While it’s cute to get your little one dressed up, you don’t want to miss out on having some photographs that capture what they look like on a day-to-day basis.

Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins185.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins187.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins180.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins183.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins188.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins186.jpg Gladwin_Michigan_fraternal_twin_sitter_session_sibling_family_boy_girl_twins181.jpg

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A Girly Sitter Session with Unicorns

This sitter session featured all things girly and feminine—as well as some mother-daughter bonding. We used a lot of pinks, florals, and crisp whites in this session. All this contributed to the session’s airy feel. And how cute is that unicorn headband? It’s delightful.

Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband70 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband79 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband76 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband74 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband77 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband72

This session had some great personal touches as well. Gracelyn’s mom found this plaque not long before our shoot. Amazing Grace is her nickname, so it just had to be included.

Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband75 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband73 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband78 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband80 Bay_City_Michigan_sitter_session_family_mother_daughter_pink_unicorn_horn_headband71

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A Picnic and Pearls Nine-Month Session

This nine-month session had a theme that was important to Vera Jean’s mom. When she was pregnant with her, she had a cherry pie/picnic themed baby shower. When she picked up this red-and-white checkerboard romper, she knew she wanted to incorporate her baby shower theme into this session. This shows that inspiration for a shoot can come from anywhere. If you have an idea, sometimes it’s best to just roll with it. In this case, it had some very cute results!

Kawkawlin_MI_sitter_session_feminine_flowers_outdoor_inspired143 Kawkawlin_MI_sitter_session_feminine_flowers_outdoor_inspired141

Sadly, for the picnic themed shots, we didn’t have any baskets. This would have been cute, but we tied the outdoors into the photographs using greens and outdoor backdrops.

Kawkawlin_MI_sitter_session_feminine_flowers_outdoor_inspired140 Kawkawlin_MI_sitter_session_feminine_flowers_outdoor_inspired142

Vera’s mom also loved the idea of using strings of pearls. We ran with this idea and decided to change up the theme for these photos, to give her a larger variety. Using the whites, pinks, and purples gave these a feminine feel.

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A Fun and Messy Strawberry Cake Smash

Kate was such a good sport during this strawberry themed cake smash. As you can see, things got a little messy. That’s all part of the fun though. It’s never a dull moment when they dive into their cake!





For a lot of parents, the idea of picking a theme for their son or daughter’s session can be difficult. While some have a clear vision, others need some guidance. Over email, Kate and I worked out a theme and what outfits she would wear. By collaborating and sharing inspiration, we worked out the adorable theme of this shoot.





We went all out with the strawberry theme for this cake smash. From the shirt, to the bow, to the backdrop, to the candies, everything screamed strawberry. We even had to get creative in the studio and create our own props for this session. The cartons of strawberries in the background were just cartons with foam inside and fake strawberries glued on top.





Some kids are timid during their cake smash. Maybe they don’t like getting messy or don’t know what to do with it—but not Kate! She went head first into her cake for this strawberry cake smash. It made for some hilarious pictures her parents will want to show off.

It’s also important for parents to introduce their little one to cake before coming to their session. During their shoot isn’t the time for them to try it for the first time. Some kids need to warm up to it first before liking it. The more familiar they are, the better the pictures will turn out.





In addition to these fun cake smash photos, we got some more traditional posed shots. Kate was great in front of the camera, and she looked adorable in the different rompers and dresses we put her in. Of course, these shots were done before the cake smash. Once you start the cake smash, there’s no going back.

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